Secure Software Development

Ensuring the required protection of information, the stability of information systems and the specified system behavior, even under duress, is paramount for any enterprise developing software or digital products. Despite established Secure Software Development principles, existing specialized tools and sufficiently trained personnel, the sustainable implementation of a secure software development lifecycle is a major challenge for many companies.

Applying a best practice approach, CERTAINITY will assess the current state of the software development process, considering the customer's actual business needs and the individual cyber security risks of the product portfolio. The assessment scope will typically include the process itself, all relevant policies, the set of utilized development tools, as well as the build and delivery pipeline. Furthermore, the capabilities of involved development teams will be considered during the assessment.

CERTAINITY will then support customers by defining the goals and planning the roadmap to establish or enhance their secure software development process. Our experts will further aid the implementation of relevant organizational and technical security measures from policy development to tool selection and implementation. We will accompany the whole transformation process, prepare software engineers with tailored trainings and coach management roles to foster a smooth cultural transition for all teams involved.

Secure software development is becoming more and more important. This is also manifested in newly defined laws, like the NIS2 and the European Cyber Resilience Act. Avoid cybersecurity risks in your development process and make Secure Software Development the default for all your development endeavors - with CERTAINITY's Secure Software Development consulting services.