Business Continuity Management

Are you prepared? Even in critical situations such as a pandemic, supply chain problems or cyberattacks, your core processes should not be interrupted, or only temporarily. We work with you to develop your BC plan, taking into account your industry-specific requirements, carry out business impact analyses (BIA), create a BC strategy and derive emergency and business continuity plans.

BCM - Creation of general guidelines

We start by creating a policy that summarises and officially regulates the principles and requirements for business continuity management in your company. This should ensure that the people involved are aware of their tasks, responsibilities and duties.

BCM - Business impact analysis and strategy

Business Impact Analysis (BIA) as part of Business Continuity Management serves to determine the effects that may occur directly or indirectly in the event of a disruption to key business processes. It is carried out in the form of a workshop, which is moderated by us. Together we assess the damage potential in order to be able to prioritise your business processes and on its basis develop appropriate strategies to avoid or reduce the impact or damage to your company.

BCM – Workshop Emergency Manuals

The methodology and components of an IT emergency plan based on the CERTAINITY templates are presented in a workshop. The aim of the workshop is for people involved to be able to create emergency manuals themselves. As soon as the internal project has been completed, CERTAINITY carries out a review of the final emergency manuals.