Threat Modeling

Truly understanding cyber risks is a prerequisite to enable informed decisions during development of software and digital products. By applying Threat Modeling techniques, business analysts, development team and whole organization can gain insight into often non-obvious dependencies effecting the cybersecurity of their products and infrastructure. Proper threat modeling will ensure that critical design flaws are identified early.

CERTAINITY's experienced security engineers apply the fitting methods to build actionable threat models according to the investigated systems. We support FMEA, Attack Trees, STRIDE, CORAS and many more industry-proven risk modeling techniques - always keeping our customer, his needs and capabilities at the center of our consulting services. If needed, we aid in raising the documentation quality to enable more formal threat modeling techniques and provide trainings to empower our customers to establish a sustainable and independent threat modeling process. With our support, threat modeling becomes a vital part of your design process, development activities and service delivery.

Reduce the risk of critical design flaws and enable informed cyber risk decisions throughout product development with CERTAINITY's Threat Modeling consulting services!