Defensive Security

Attacks on companies' IT systems, which often result in the loss of sensitive data, are now an inevitable part of the plethora of risks that companies of all sizes and in all industries have to prepare for. In addition to immediate financial losses due to production downtimes, reputational damage caused by negative press is not uncommon, as are possible penalties for violations of regulations.

CERTAINITY is happy to support you in increasing resilience before, during and after IT security incidents:

  • the establishment and review of processes in the context of incident readiness workshops and incident tabletop exercises,
  • the implementation or support of incident management and incident response in the event of an incident,
  • and the derivation of lessons learned after the completion of the incident.

In addition to questions of technical infrastructure (Technology), we also take into account the roles and responsibilities of the workforce (People) as well as process organization (Process).

You can reach the CERTAINITY Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) at or call

GERMANY: +49-800-CERTAIN (+49-800-2378246)
AUSTRIA/Rest of Europe: +43-664-888 44 686