CERTAINITY does offer a so called Computer Emergency Response Team also known as CERT.

In case your organisation faces an ongoing cyber threat and needs urgent support from experts you can alert the CERTAINITY CERT. Our Incident Response Team has years of experience and can help you in all aspects of an cyber incident.

Among other things CERTAINITY CERT does offer expert guidance and hands on help in the following topics:

  • Incident Management
  • Public Relations
  • ransom negotiation
  • root cause analysis
  • IT-forensic analysis
  • data-protection consulting
  • malware analysis
  • cyber intelligence
  • rebuilding infrastructure
  • copromise assessment

In case you need urgent help in an cyber incident please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us by E-Mail or phone.


In case of emergency, you can reach the CERTAINITY Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) at CERT@certainity.com or call us

GERMANY: +49-800-CERTAIN (+49-800-2378246)

AUSTRIA/Rest of Europe: +43-664-888 44 686

information at hand when alarming the CERT

  1. details about your organisation
    1. Name, Postal Address, company registration number, Vat-ID, billing address
    2. contact details of responsible persons
  2. Brief description of the incident
  3. actions already taken
  4. topics you request support for