Red Teaming

In a Red Teaming Assessment, an attack on your organization is simulated at all levels. In contrast to a pure penetration test, social engineering, Advanced Persistent Threat and other methods are also used here. Not only do their security gaps become visible, but they are also exploited in a targeted manner to penetrate further into the target organization. Red teamings are excellent for providing additional training to the organization's blue teams and for evaluating the effectiveness of any protective measures that may be in place. Red teaming can also take place in cooperation with the defenders, but then this procedure is referred to as purple teaming. For your company, a Red Teaming Assessment brings a significant gain in security and increased awareness of the entire workforce. In an emergency, it is an invaluable advantage to have already been in this simulated attacking situation with your own team. Keep a cool head, our experts of CERTAINITY will show you how.