Incident Readyness Consulting

Cyber readiness is about how well organizations are prepared for cyber threats. The question is not whether an incident will occur, the question is when an incident will occur. Early detection, rapid and effective response is key to minimizing impact.

The better prepared an organization is for risks and possible incidents

is, the smaller the impact. Good preparation makes sure of that damage, impact and downtime are minimized and options for action are maximized.

As part of our cyber readiness offerings, we offer, among other things, the

the following services:

- Cyber Readiness Workshops: Yours and our experts work together and shed light on the current status of Cyber Readiness in your organization. Together we identify the existing potential for improvement and develop a plan on how this potential can best be exploited.

- Incident tabletop exercises: Together with the responsible experts from your organization, we play through a cyber incident as a 'dry run'.

Such an exercise helps each individual participant to better understand and carry out their own activities and tasks, as well as to improve cooperation between the involved actors.

The aim of the exercise is to ensure that in an emergency everyone involved knows what to do and that every move is correct. This is the only way to contain cyber incidents quickly and effectively.

- Incident Simulation: The goal of an incident simulation is identical to the

an incident tabletop exercise, but we go one step further and do not limit ourselves to a dry run.

In an incident simulation, scenarios are not only played through theoretically, but there are a number of hands-on exercises in which the participants have to show what they can do under realistic conditions.

This can sometimes go as far that our Red team will attack your organization and your experts will try to defend your organization under the supervision of our DFIR team.

A more hands-on exercise in dealing with cyber incidents is practically impossible.

You can reach the CERTAINITY Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) at or call

GERMANY: +49-800-CERTAIN (+49-800-2378246)
AUSTRIA: +4366488844686 (during Business Hours).

Even better is to be prepared up front. Our Cyber-Readiness services will help you to be prepared.