Incident Readiness Consulting

Incident readiness describes the ability of an organization to respond to the current cyber threat situation. The question is not if an incident will occur but when. Early detection and a rapid and effective response are key to minimizing the extent of damage from an incident.

Comprehensive preparation ensures that damage, impact and downtime are minimized and response options are maximized. As part of our Incident Readiness offerings, we provide services including:

Incident Readiness Workshops

In collaboration with your experts, we examine the current state of your organization's resilience in the event of an incident. Together, we identify optimization potential and develop an action plan, the implementation of which we are happy to support.

Incident tabletop exercises

Together with the responsible experts from your organization, we play out a a fictitious cyber incident as a simulation game. Such an exercise helps all participants to better understand their own tasks and responsibilities and to fill out their process role. In addition, the cooperation of the involved actors also improves in the course of the exercise. This supports the fast and effective containment of incidents and the #restoration of normal operations.

Incident Simulation

In an Incident Simulation, circumstances are not only played out theoretically, but there is also a series of hands-on exercises to train a realistic scenario. At the highest level of sophistication, such an exercise can be conducted as a Red or Purple Team Assessment. During a simulated real-time attack, the resilience of your organization and your experts are tested. We provide regular feedback during the execution. A more hands-on cyber incident response exercise is de facto impossible.

Incident response readiness

Ensure the availability of CERTAINITY experts in case of an emergency with a service level agreement that fits your organization. This is especially relevant as we give preference to our on-call customers in the event of a large number of simultaneous incidents.

In case of emergency, you can reach our experts of the CERTAINITY Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) at or call us

GERMANY: +49-800-CERTAIN (+49-800-2378246)
AUSTRIA/Rest of Europe: +43-664-888 44 686