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Security Advisory: TOCTOU

XiP (eXecute in Place) that exploits at hardware level in order to bypass secure boot

By: CERTAINITY21/11/2023

“Die Frage bei Cyber-Vorfällen ist nicht ob es passiert, sondern wann es passiert“

Interview mit Florian Walther, Clara Nowak, Thomas Langthaler, Dr. Helmut Liebel *german only*

By: CERTAINITY23/10/2023

Power of OSINT

Wie Unternehmen von Open Source Intelligence profitieren können *german only*

By: CERTAINITY05/09/2023

BCM – Business Continuity Management & Resilienz

Zwei Bausteine vitaler Organisationen *german only*

By: CERTAINITY13/07/2023

CERTAINITY European Cyber Resilience Act Prepared-ness Survey

In cooperation with the University of Innsbruck

By: CERTAINITY31/05/2023

No plan survives the first contact with the enemy

Table Top, Hybrid and Live Exercise

By: CERTAINITY21/05/2023

Security Advisory: WAGO

Unauthenticated Remote Command Execution in Multiple WAGO Products

By: CERTAINITY17/05/2023

Security Advisory: Phoenix

Multiple Vulnerabilities in Phoenix Contact Routers

By: CERTAINITY05/04/2023

Security Advisory: Netmodule

This is the third security advisory we release that is related to the introduction of a “zero-day identification” module that performs static code analysis on proprietary applications found within firmware uploaded to ONEKEY’s platform.

By: CERTAINITY02/03/2023

Cyber-Incident do's and don'ts

We got you - your step-by-step guide

By: CERTAINITY22/02/2023

The EU Cyber Resilience Act

The final proposal of the European Cyber Resilience Act is publicly available since September 2022 and so are the results of the EU's impact assessment of the planned

By: CERTAINITY09/12/2022

Security Advisory: Asus M25 NAS Vulnerability

We recently deployed the first component of our “zero-day identification” module, which aimed at identifying vulnerability patterns in scripting languages. It’s been a long time coming

By: CERTAINITY01/12/2022

Michael Brunner certified as SABSA Chartered Security Architect (SCF)

CERTAINITY offers all employees ample opportunities for professional and person-al growth – during interesting customer projects and via dedicated trainings.

By: CERTAINITY15/11/2022

ONEKEY and CERTAINITY - together for more cybersecurity

ONEKEY - one of the leading European specialists for automated IoT/OT security & compliance analyzes and CERTAINITY GmbH - the European cybersecurity consultant

By: CERTAINITY17/10/2022